CAD Cam System

Three shape 3D digital scanner and design software. The scanner uses high resolution cameras and laser light technology to produce very accuracy and detail in all cases.

Wieland zenotec select hybrid milling unit. The milling station can mill wax frameworks, zirconia frameworks, temporary material framework and also wet milling of Emax.

The 3 shape system allows in lab designing of all manner of cases from single units to multi-framework bridges and also full contour units.

Three shape communicate lets labs and dentists exchange and discuss cases, while vieweing 3D designs online. It also allows labs to receive digital impressions from any dentist that is using Trios intra-cral scanners.

3shape’s D800 series scanners are designed for medium to large labs that demand the utmost accuracy and detail levels for even the most advanced indications. With its new and unique Texture Scanning capabilities plus 5.0 MP cameras, 3Shape’s D800 series scanners wield the market’s most advanced 3D scanning technologies. This is a no-limitations device, providing high productivity, extreme accuracy and the complete scope of dental indications for full-service labs that accept only the best.

D800 D810 Scanner

Zenotec Zr Bridge
Telio CAD for Zenotec
Zenotec PMMA Cast
3Shape Trios

This high-quality zirconia material can be used for all types of indication from the primary elements of telescopic crowns to 14-unit bridges and customised implant abutments. This material differs from conventional zirconia in that it is especially homogeneous. This is achieved by means of a special manufacturing process and results in an excellent fit, even with very large restorations.

Also, Zenotec Zr Bridge features a reduced degree of translucency compared to the Zenostar Zr Translucent material.


  • All-ceramic ZrO2 framework material to meet the highest aesthetic expectations and covering a wide range of indications
  • Technical ceramic with a very high strength
  • Offers the especially pleasing aesthetics of all-ceramic restorations
  • Best fit, even for large-span restorations
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Very resistant to ageing
  • Homogeneous, very fine grain structure
  • For all indications from single crowns to 14-unit bridges
  • Can be used in almost all intra-oral situations
  • Good milling properties
  • The lower translucence of these materials also makes them suitable for metallic post and core superstructures

Telio CAD for Zenotec discs are cross-linked PMMA discs for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and implant-supported restorations. They can be used to make full-contour Telio CAD for Zenotec crowns and bridges which are extremely comfortable to wear. The maximum wear period is twelve months, whereby therapeutic restorations to correct TMJ problems and for diagnostic purposes represent further indications for Telio CAD.

Thanks to its long-term color stability and natural fluorescence, this material offers lasting esthetics. It is available in six monochrome LT shades (BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1). The choice of disc thicknesses (16 mm and 25 mm) provides added flexibility in terms of applications and also means that the discs can be used for tall implant-supported restorations.

Telio is a product system for making temporary restorations. The shade-coordinated and chemically compatible materials offer the dentist and the dental technician a great deal of convenience and reliability. Once they have been polished, the preferred method of cementation for Telio CAD for Zenotec restorations is by using Telio CS Link* or Telio CS Cem Implant*. If desired, the work can first be individualized with Telio Lab LC* light-curing stain and build-up materials.


  • Available in the LT shades: BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1
  • Thicknesses: 16 mm, 25 mm
  • For long-term temporary restorations with a wear period of up to twelve months
  • Unlimited biocompatibility
  • High color stability and plaque resistance
  • Excellent polishability
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Pleasant luster and esthetic appearance
  • No irritation of the gingiva or dental pulp since the material contains no methyl methacrylate
  • Impressive physical properties
  • Can be individualized with the Telio Lab LC* materials specially developed for the purpose
  • Matching cementation system using Telio CS Link* and Telio CS Cem Implant*

The material burns without trace and is especially suitable for use in the lost material casting process but can also be used for pressing and overpressing. This transparent acrylic material is very easy to mill and gives excellent stability even with largespan bridges. Furthermore, the process provides a very fast and very affordable method of testing the functionality and fit of a restoration on the dental model.


  • Very easy to mill
  • Best shape stability even for large-span bridges
  • Very good surface quality, especially for reproducing fissures
  • Crystal-clear surface with outstanding translucence
  • Burns out without trace
  • Low-cost alternative for the manufacture of lost forms for the casting process, pressing and overpressing

Many dental labs are using the 3shape Trios digital impression solution as a portable and versatile scanning device. The hand held scanner allows technicians to quickly and conveniently scan gypsum models, triple tray impression, or complete digital impressions from patients referred to the lab.